Evening News – Leftovers

Surrendering to Islam in America
Dominion is the name of the game. They touch it, it’s theirs. There is no neutrality.

Gov. Jay Nixon Declares state of emergency, activates Missouri National Guard
And here for his letter.

Christianity is the Fastest Growing Religion
His kingdom and dominion shall have no end.

Inequality, Unbelievably, Gets Worse
The liberal mindset is modernist and statist, thinking it can survey the world and make necessary adjustments to harmonize and equalize reality. They are therefore shocked (“Unbelievable”) when their machinations don’t work out, and instead blow up in their faces.

Satanic Temple challenges policy allowing religious materials to be distributed at public schools
Under the false assumption that there is neutrality in the public arena. Christ is Lord of everything. There is no neutrality. Public schools are agnostic, pluralist institutions. Christians should not seek a seat at the relativist table.

German Lingerie and the Decline of the West
And here. Witty, a bit round-about, half false, half true. Worth the read. “In reality, she would be killed.” “You know how the first generation are warriors, and then the second generation become farmers, and then the third generation become inventors and creators, and then by the fifth generation they’re diversity outreach consultants or whatever, which is the stage we’re pretty much at.”

Japan Falls Into Recession

What about the Similarity Between Human and Chimp DNA?
Our DNA also similar to bananas and fruit flies. Similarity in DNA means or proves nothing, unless it is read through the lens of a desire for evolution to be true.

Update On Doug Phillips
Sad to hear. Learned a lot from him. If he can fall, if David can fall, so can I or anyone. A true Christian, however, gets back up, though he fall seven times.

The Ethics of the New Eugenics – Review

Peter Kassig beheading: A new Isis video, but a different ending. What could it mean
Confirming my previous observations: no videos actually show these staged beheadings. This doesn’t mean no one is beheaded, but it does mean that it is highly dramatized for maximum phycological affect on morale and ideology.

Global Slavery Index
Slavery needs to be defined. Numbers are always suspect. Governments shouldn’t do anything – they are not the saviors of mankind.
Police departments boast about civil forfeiture abuse


Movie Reviews: Both on Kirk Cameron’s “Saving Christmas”


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