Morning News – Reads and Feeds

**Not posting anything on the Ferguson case. The decision and its aftermath are all over the media. However, you should watch the video link just below.**

How Then Should We Live?
Schaeffer on how the media can spin an event in any direction. “When the worldview is humanism – which is human manipulation – the media becomes an instrument of that manipulation.” Starts at 6:42

Oprah’s network releases sneak peek of ‘The Rob Bell Show’
Can’t Wait!!..

Obama’s Secret Extension of the US Role in Afghanistan Should Come as No Surprise
Hey now, they’re just “advisers”…

​Rare footage shows Black Seadevil, perhaps the deep sea’s freakiest looking fish

Study of gay brothers may confirm X chromosome link to homosexuality
A theory in search of evidence will find it; even if it has to go to infinite extremes and exceptions-to-the-rule to justify its position.

Teacher to Student: If You Don’t Support Gay Marriage, Drop My Class
“So let’s review — an instructor at a Catholic university taught material that is contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church and when a Catholic student brought this information to the attention of Catholic administrators – the student was the one who got rebuked.”

Islam’s Sharia Blasphemy Laws
No neutrality.


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