Cultural Artifacts

Religion creates culture, culture creates a worldview, and worldview creates cultural artifacts.

Religion -> Culture -> Worldview -> cultural artifacts

Pople may not be conscious of their worldview. This is because they’ve emerged in a culture that has a systematic plausibility structure. Out of the worldview flow the cultural artifacts, which are the products of culture.

Two examples: Walter Isaksen biography of Steve Jobs shows a man who wanted to form a Buddhist concept of simplicity and design via a liberal arts company. Apple products thus come from a Buddhist worldview. They are simple, elegant, aesthetically pleasing, “revolutionizing” how one thinks and experiences reality, they advertise as near zen just holding the iPhone or iPad. Cultural artifacts are what we receive, use, and integrate into our lives.

Second example: jeans. Why are you wearing jeans? Are they comfortable? Because they are stylish, fashionable, denote a casual attitude or environment? These are good, concrete reasons for wearing them. But this isn’t the reason were wearing them. Two generations ago no one in college would have worn them. Why? Because denim was synonymous with lower working classes, coal miners, factory workers – the jeans could withstand a lot of dirt. Wearing jeans said, “I’m part of the proletariat, lower classes.” People who wore cottons and twill were part of the bourgeois. Along came Marxists who want elites to identify with lower classes. How? – wear jeans. High culture wants to break down the barrier between bougerois and proletariat. This is then pushed through the common level, say, in movies, and then the pop culture follows suit.



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