Morning News – Streets and Tweets

Protests throughout city in wake of NYPD chokehold decision
This is really sad and tragic! But, Revolution is never the way. Marx is afoot is America’s streets and tweets. Rise up, class warfare!

Coulda Been Me
Not if black culture didn’t project an image of gang violence, drugs, and crime. Statistically, it could have been any one of us. Statistically, black males have a greater chance of being aborted than born in NY. But it’s not about facts, is it?

3 Posts To Help White Christians Understand Ferguson and the Eric Garner Conflict

Cop-caused death of any gender/race 1/yr – 410
Black (male) deaths, %91 of which are black-on-black 1/yr – 5,538
Black males violently aborted 1/yr – 181,852

Any discussion of white prejudice or societal racism that doesn’t talk about the culture of black-on-black killing or disproportionate abortion numbers is unbalanced and questionably biased. Ask yourself why the disparity in anger, mourning, and so on. Why no protests of black-on-black murder? Why zero grieving and only silence about abortion? Why this issue of racism? Why is it outrageous only when a white does it?

#Crimingwhilewhite: White people are confessing on Twitter to crimes they got away with
Don’t automatically believe everything you read on twitter. How easily could these stories be made up in order to 1) get retweets and followers or 2) merely push popular ideology? These are believing whatever they read without thinking critically about it – which is exactly what people are doing with the two police killings.

Sharpton Calls For National Protests
If you find yourself on the same side as liberal neo-Gramscian Marxists or life-destroying Planned Parenthood (below), you might want to question the road of emotions, filtered half-truths, and hashtags that got you there.

See here for more info.

Ben Carson stands by comparison of U.S. to Nazi Germany
I truly believe this is so. I oppose any form of tyranny – whether it is top-down from the government, or bottom-up from the useful idiot proletariat.

17 States Sue Obama Over “Unconstitutional” Executive Action On Immigration
After Lincoln and the ensuing century and a half, forgive me if I hold anything the states threaten the federal government to be hot air.

2014 set to be hottest year on record, U.N. climate agency reports
The view point that these surveys take is a globally modernist absolute. Science is not prophetically certain nor will it save our future. Without God, science is lifted to the level of omniscient.

Are Gadget-Free Bedrooms the Secret to a Happy Relationship?


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