Morning News – Reads and Feeds

It’s official: America is now No. 2
Mises Institute says that it’s about time; after all, they’re a much larger country by land and population than America.

Warren Catholicism: Are we still Anathema?
Rick Warren has confirmed my earlier observations that he speaks the language of the people he is around. This latest video was shot by Catholics, and – surprise surprise – RW is suddenly very catholic. It was the same rhetoric I observed when RW was interviewed by John Piper.

California millennials living longer with parents, marrying less

How We Know the Divorce Rate Is Falling

What we could have done while watching Gangam Style
This is what happens when you take the methods of prosperity produced by centuries of Christianity but without any of the mentality or morality of Christianity.

Deadly justice: Ferguson and beyond

Pentagon gives California police grenade launchers, snow shoes
I find it odd that this is the government people vote for, yet they are surprised when that government’s benevolence extends to every area of life. Including force.

Eric Garner’s Death Has Nothing To Do With Racism And Everything To Do With Bad Laws
Makes a good point – if there weren’t communist statist laws against selling cigarettes, this incident would never have even taken place. It is ironic, then, that leftist cry for greater government enforcement and laws, which only pushes toward centralization of police force.


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