Adjusting for Windage

In the military a portion of our annual marksman qualifications involved firing an M-16 while wearing a gas mask. To negotiate this situation, one had to smush the facemask into the buttstock in order to align the dominant eye with the iron sights. This caused a warping of vision which had to be compensated by pointing the gun a little off target in any direction. Pull the trigger. See where the shots go off. Compensate in the proper direction. Fire for effect. 

The same sort of compensation is needed when looking into our culture as it presently is warped by feminism and egalitarianism. The vision of manhood and womanhood they present to us as what is masculine, feminine, proper, nice, balanced, friendly, and good are all skewed a little left. Ok, really Left. If you aim straight for these targets as they appear before you, you’re going to miss the mark. Aim a little to the Right and you’ll find yourself right on target. 

Another way of thinking about it is adjusting for windage over long distances. The wind can blow the round off target. Which way are the cultural winds blowing? Left; and I mean your military Left. Compensate accordingly in the other direction.

Note: there is no neutral aiming in this wind-tossed world.

Another note: we are in a target right environment. Fire at will.   


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