All For ‘Illegal” Cigarettes

Now here’s something to think about:

A pack of cigarettes in NYC is about $13. This is because NYC politicians know what’s best for people (and for their pockets). Yet because of this high price, people smuggle in cigarettes from out of the city and sell them “illegally” for what anyone would pay elsewhere.

So, the whole reason Eric Garner was even approached by the cops – much less killed – was because of an unnecessarily morally-hazardous situation created by a government-imposed tax on cigarettes, all out of benevolent and altruistic concern for the public’s own good, to be sure.

Free markets, limited government, and a morally self-governing people under the Law of God wouldn’t have seen this unnecessary death.

As Joel McDurmon of American Vision says, “the origin of Eric Garner’s death lies ultimately in unbiblical tax law. The bottom line is that there would have been no confrontation at all were it not for the ridiculous tyranny in which we live, in which the state demands taxes on everything that breathes, and most things that don’t. Taxation is unbiblical and unjust, according to biblical law. Yes, as I have argued, it is an evil which we are called to endure when we must; but it is an evil we are ultimately called to eradicate…(T)axation is armed violence. It is mandated with the threat of violence and enforced ultimately with the barrel of a gun. Despite the somnolent consent given by the vast majority of Christians, taxation is backed by deadly force in society. Eric Garner’s death shows this in its most extreme form…Let it be said loud and clear that as bad a race relations and racism may still be in this or any country, both informed sides agree that Garner’s death was not about race.”


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