Evening News – Leftovers

How the West Abolished Slavery

What’s in the spending bill? We skim it so you don’t have to
Trees, air, sunshine – government will fund everything!

Federal Reserve Policy Gets Worse Over Time
“If you examine the attached graph one factor that might jump out at you is that the current “recovery” has been the worst one since WWII in terms of the percentage job losses and the time necessary for a full recovery in the job market making it, already, the most expensive since WWII.”

The Painful Lessons of Mars Hill

Time Person of the Year
An explicitly Christian doctor. Where were the philanthropic atheists or the altruistic liberals when Ebola broke out?

The Strange Oprahfication of Rob Bell
“Bell has now become the very thing he once decried.  He has become a prophet of American ‘moralistic therapeutic deism.'” Bell is simply an addition to Oprah’s “pantheon” of spiritual advisors. “This is a full-fledged retreat from the values of authenticity and community that Emergent championed for years.”

Falling Deaths Outnumber School Shooting Deaths By Tens of Thousands

Parents Furious Over Gender-Bending Lessons Being Taught To Ninth Graders
Why are they furious? It is only fair, if all worldviews are equally valid.

Gay marriage and the death of freedom
“Everywhere gay marriage has been introduced it has battered freedom, not boosted it. Debate has been chilled, dissenters harried, critics tear-gassed. Love and marriage might go together like horse and carriage, but freedom and gay marriage certainly do not. The double-thinking ‘freedom to marry’ has done more to power the elbow of the state than it has to expand the liberty of men and women.
There are awkward questions the ‘freedom to marry’ folks just can’t answer. Like: if gay marriage is a liberal cause, how come it’s been attended by authoritarianism wherever it’s been introduced?”

An Atheist comments: “Unlike true marriage – that of one man to one woman – which is a human universal, common to all times and cultures (although there have – exceptionally – been practices such as polygamy and, more rarely, polyandry), gay so-called marriage is the creature of a particular phase of a particular culture: postmodern postliberalism in the developed world.”

The Yarn in the Public Sweater
“Liberty is not the center. Liberty is a political fruit that comes from honoring Christ, and cannot cause anything worthwhile to solidify or bond wherever He is not present. Whenever Christ is not honored, liberty is not liberty but rather licentiousness. No gathering of slaves to sin will ever be the vanguard of political and civil liberty. And whenever pot-smoking and porn-watching libertarians march, you can just hear the chains clanking. If that is the future of liberty, we are all going to political hell.”


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