Morning News – Reads and Feeds

New Research: Americans Want to Keep Christ in Christmas

  • 63% of Americans say poeople should visit church for Christmas
  • 79% agree that Christmas should be more about Jesus

Check: Christmas is about Jesus completely. We and the world are called to recognize that objective, unalterable fact and to live accordingly.

Cut For Time: Morning News – Saturday Night Live
A little comedy.

Unless Washington Gets a $1 Trillion Dollar ‘Cromnibus’ – an Unnecessary Part of It Will ‘Shut Down’
They always threaten to shut down those sectors of government that are most unnecessary to its governance yet which will most immediately hurt the populace. Who are they looking out for? Gov’t is not about being a public servant but survival and power.

5 ways you are unknowingly destroying your husband and killing your marriage
Though from a Mormon site, it is still good.

Obama: All Peoples Worldwide Embrace Meaning of Jesus
“It’s the story of hope–the birth of a singular child into the simplest of circumstances–a child who would grow up to live a life of humility, and kindness, and compassion; who traveled with a message of empathy and understanding; who taught us to care for the poor, and the marginalized, and those who are different from ourselves,” said Obama. “And more than two millennia later, the way he lived still compels us to do our best to build a more just and tolerant and decent world.” Here for response.

The Churchill School of Adulthood – Lesson #1: Develop a Mighty Moral Code

Five Thousand Killed Last Month From Jihadis
More the white on black cop killings by a few thousand. But less than black baby murders by abortion.

Burger King to save millions in U.S. taxes in ‘inversion’: study
Good for them. Cheaper burgers for all consumers and more jobs for potential employees. Taxation is theft. Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s is for the taxpayer. Thou shalt not steal applies to everyone. Even governments.

Planned Parenthood Consent Checklist – Sex By The Books
If you don’t teach them, the world will. If you do teach them, the world will still.

U-Va. students challenge Rolling Stone account of alleged sexual assault
“The first to plead his case seems right, Until another comes and examines him.” Proverbs 18.17 Also here.


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