Evening News – Leftovers

‘Daily Show’ Skewers Atheists Who Forced Diner to Drop Prayer Discount
“What atheist would pray to a non-entity. No one does that,” Barker said after the comedian attempted to get him to realize that the discount wasn’t egregious and that is was relatively simple to get. Klepper responded, “One who doesn’t want to pay full price for a BLT.”

Growing Public Support for Gun Rights
What factors would have caused the increase? Growing government power, intrusion, executive power, ISIS, local cop-related events, school shootings? NYT article says, “For the first time, more Americans support gun rights over gun control.” But it is again, not for the first time. 2nd Amendment

Every Citizen Must Know Basic Economics
Though not in a salvific sense.

Canadian ethicist advocates ‘post-birth abortion’ for newborns
“A Canadian bioethicist and philosophy professor at Queen’s University is lobbying for acceptance of ‘postnatal abortion’ to justify euthanizing newborns with disabilities…’A quality-of-life proponent could just as well argue that respect for human dignity demands that the infant’s life be terminated on compassionate grounds.'” It’s an extreme, fringe position -they’ll say. It’ll never go that far – they’ll say.

A Biblical Solution to False Rape Charges
“Women who are actually raped are harmed by those who make false accusations of rape (because it desensitizes the public to other claims of rape).”

Police officer buys eggs for woman caught shoplifting to feed her family in Tarrant
Well, this just kinda wrecks the narrative…

White Cop helps out black woman caught in theft. And it’s all in the supposedly racist South

“Police officers do this all the time. Of course, these are the kind of stories that never get told,” Reno said. “Every police officer in Jefferson County has done this at one point in time.” See also here.

Does the new ‘Exodus’ movie whitewash the Bible?
“The tableau produced in “Exodus,” unfortunately, is the one favored by 19th-century slave traders.”  a far-fetched statement, dripping with an underlying narrative: “Whitewashing the Bible is problematic both because it is unhistorical and because it reinscribes the dangerous association of whiteness, divine favor and heroism that has plagued modern Christianity.” Christianity produced slavery and racism. This is the historical story of our past.

Minimum Wage Increases Cost Americans 1.4 Million Jobs
Normally, it would be difficult to prove that wage increases caused loss in jobs, but the study focused on specific conditions which led to its cause.

How to Knock Off a Bag
How a Christian businessman handles unfair competition in a free market.

Glen Beck Surfing the Zeitgeist
“Don’t talk to me about theology (God), talk to me about God in practice.” Can we say “False Dilemma”?


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