Evening News – Friday Nights

Erotic liberty v. religious liberty: How the sexual revolution is eclipsing the First Freedom
Penetrating analysis, yet with zero resolution. The moment my culture is becoming most enslaved to sexual lusts is the very moment I find in myself a growing freedom of it.

Minority congressional staffers plan walkout in wake of Brown, Garner decisions
I imagine they weren’t working on anything important anyway.

The New Barbarism
The case was manufactured from the ground-up. Marxism play-by-play. Stir up chaos in order to seize power.

Gnosticism 2.0

Newly discovered dinosaur had an eagle face, was the size of a crow
A commenter: “These are always fun, especially years later when they figure out what they really were.”

Conservatism after Obama
How will Conservatives respond? “Americans still equate social justice with government programs ranging from wealth redistribution to “diversity-enhancement” policies”.

House Narrowly OKs Government Spending Bill as Wrangling Goes Down to the Wire
Yes, yes, narrow. Deceptively narrow.

No Thanks, Public Schools. I Don’t Need You To Teach My Kids About Sex.
Contra to Mr. Walsh, this is not strange or immoral for schools to teach on sexuality and gender. It is precisely what the public school qua system is designed to do – replace totally family and church spheres with one encompassing sphere of life, thought, and authority. There are no neutral realms of reality where one’s worldview does not affect how one views biology, math, sex. We should not question why the public schools are beginning to teach this, but that it took them this long to begin teaching it.

School and Education: Not the Same Thing


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