Evening News – Weekend

Major protests over police planned for Washington, New York
Our abortion-death culture is protesting tonight for its right not to be killed by cops, while maintaining its right to kill its own children. It doesn’t truly want safety and life, but merely death and destruction on its own terms. #‎millionsmarchnyc‬

Steel ‘cross’ will stay at WTC memorial: court
“Once again they have drawn national attention to the cross of Jesus Christ. With their anti-God billboards and other activities around the country, they do more to remind people about Christianity than any other organization in the country. God bless them…” – Ray Comfort.

Microsoft to spill more Windows 10 details on Jan. 21
Totally unexciting and boring.

Study: Men are just more likely to be idiots
Risk-takers, self-initiating, leaders, self-motivating, innovators, self-dependent, builders, rulers. These are men. Write an equal piece degrading women and see the response. It’s time we build each other up.

Commenters: “Criticized… not crucifiedThere are better ways to say “criticizing” without elevating Rob Bell’s heresy to the level of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross.
Scroll about 1/4 down the page.

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