Sunday News

Was the U.S. Oil Boom Just Another Fed Inflated Bubble, and is it Contained?
Usually agree with Schiff, but not here. Lower prices will always hurt someone, but the consumer will increase demand which will cause the supply side to pick up over time. See here.

Defense Department Uses Social Media to Predict Civil Unrest

The Unexpected Threat to Super Bowl XLIX
Got your terrorist insurance? “Insurers are required to offer terrorism coverage to all business clients.” The gov’t will mandate and back the TRIA—the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act.

Gay Christians choosing celibacy emerge from the shadows
There was “a conference called the Reformation Project, where hundreds of gay Christians trained at ways to promote what they see as full equality — not celibacy — at their conservative churches. These are people who aren’t comfortable with the liturgy or theology of liberal churches.”

MTV Compares Ferguson to Mockingjay
Which only makes sense if culture interprets reality by the movies it watches, the stories it tells itself. It will inevitably read life through those narratives and symbols, acting and enacting them accordingly.

Horatius at the Bridge
One of Churchill’s favorites.

Tim Hawkins – Bananas


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