Evening News – Humbug

Remember Weimar
“We increasingly are being ruled by decree.”

The World Was Never Flat
Myths of the Enlightenment. And here.

Vaccine Controversy
A cove of resources.

Operation Inherent Resolve
332nd AEW in Iraq for action. Was there myself. I disagree strongly with America fighting wars in foreign countries. The founders had a non-interventionist foreign policy.
Sleeping at Gethsemane
Stunning assessment, but will mere voting work?

Theological Liberal vs. Jesus and Paul
What it essentially amounts to is a denial of Jesus’ sayings, Paul’s sayings, and the bible’s sayings. Who ‘cherry-picks’ the bible to fit whose agenda? The last one is really great.

BioLogos, Respectability, and Classical Christian Education
“Confronted with hundreds of scientists with terminal degrees granted to them by their own universities who are in fact young earth creationists, the establishment retreats into a very fine display of the “no true Scotsman” fallacy. One person claims that no Scotsman dislikes haggis. Another person responds that his uncle, a gent from Aberdeen named Angus McFee, detests haggis. To this the all-purpose comeback is that “no true Scotsman” dislikes haggis. No scientist embraces young earth creationism. You produce a list with hundreds of scientists who have in fact embraced it. No true scientist . . . What my net don’t catch ain’t fish.”

Wassily Kandinsky at 148: a colourful and cosmic Google Doodle star
“The great abstract artist’s paintings are spiritual symphonies that reveal hidden truths and speak directly to our senses and feelings.” Indeed, Kandinsky saw the world as merely an expression, not of God’s mind, but of the human mind. Since the world is only known through our experience of it, therefore our minds both create and interpret the world. Man, not God, is creator and interpreter of reality. Kandinsky sought to depict this in his paintings. He was a precursor to hyper-modernity.


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