Concerns So Far

Having read Gentry’s He Shall Have Dominion and reading Bahnsen’s Theonomy in Christian Ethics, a recurring theme causes a little concern: both men seem to heavily apply a strong apologetic against dispensational premillennialism of the 20th century. And understandably so, for it was the dominant force in popular evangelicalism, along with Fundamentalism in general. Today dispy premil (shorthand) is still popular; yet, although Nicholas Cage just starred in the recent Left Behind blockbuster, even Kirk Cameron has jumped that ship for a postmil bent on Christmas. However, Gentry and Bahnsen’s rhetoric and emphasis on dispy premil is so strong that one wonders to what degree their positions are reactions. I hold both men in the highest regards of scholarship; so I am not making this connection whimsically. Yet, I would like to read a postmillennialist position and a theonomic position, equally as scholarly, both of whom deal with more formidable scholarly opponents.

Caveat: both Gentry and Bahnsen deal thoroughly with opposing views of theologians and scholars, yet whom though formidable would yet be considered outside of orthodoxy.


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