Today’s Conception of God

“What is wrong, for today, in the traditional manner is the objectification of God. . . . God is not objective: God cannot become an object of man’s mind, of which he can acquire some knowledge, however analogous, and about which he is able to make true statements. . . . God does not exist: he is not an object of which existence may be predicated. . . . The doctrine of God is the Good news that humanity is possible. . . a commitment to the critical and constructive process, by which man assumes responsibility for his future, personal and social. . . . By believing in God’s transcendence man affirms his hope in the future, in his own human future.”

– Gregory Baum, “Toward a New Catholic Theism,” The Ecumenist, A Journal for
Promoting Christian Unity, 8 (4, 1970), 54.


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