Morning News – State of Culture

A Year In Search
Watch the video. It signifies what humans in 2014 held dearest: a humanist hope in themselves. It will take another 20th century for us to learn not to hope in man but in God.

Most popular web sites every year since 1996

Top Chart Searches
Entertainment, fame, beauty, food, self image, pets, more entertainment. I think its off, though, because pornography is surely a considerable fraction of internet bandwith. Which leads one to wonder how skewed are the results.

Google is a wonderful tool for connecting with the world, sharing information, and learning anything one wants to know. Yet, it is a Hegelian dream-come-true. Hegel said history is God walking on earth; that is, God is humanity as it progressively realizes itself and becomes globally conscious. Whenever this happens, divinity will be achieved. Today, humanity via information-sharing (Google, Facebook, Twitter) on the internet is making this happen and the people running these cites operate on Hegel’s premise: if we bring the world together, humanity will realize itself fully (become God) and usher in a utopia (heaven) on earth. This is the drive behind Mark Zucherburg and it’s the flavor of Google’s “Year in Search” video.

Photo of the Day: Salar de Uyuni Sunrise
Schaeffer has a section in Escape From Reason where he discusses how Western humans first set out to climb a mountain just for the sake of climbing a mountain – for nature’s sake. Previously, humans were occupied with heavenly things – angels, saints, cherubs. But with humanism, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment, there was greater focus and value of nature in itself. Eventually, we would come to focus on nature to the exclusion of the heavenly, of God. The photo is beautiful, isn’t it?

Moralistic Therapeutic Desim
The popular Western religion.

Some conservatives urging right not to serve gays on religious grounds
Right not to serve. Think of the opposite: no right not to serve, which roughly translates: forced labor, or slave. But we can’t expect humans who are slaves of their lusts to understand internal liberty.

Putin blames ‘external factors’ for Russia’s economic crisis
Not a hint of threat, which I had expected. We shall se how this develops.

Bill Cosby won’t be charged over 1974 molestation claim
Not that this one instance is important, but young men need to learn that what you do and to whom you do it can come back to bite you decades and decades after the fact. Be careful who you run with. In the end, we can’t escape our actions before God, except by having a someone else take the blame for us – Jesus Christ who took the blame for all.

Amazon Not as Unstoppable as It Might Appear
Amazon is a marketplace where people sell their wares, with a fee going to Amazon. Before Amazon, most things were scattered all over the vast internet. Before the internet, things were obtained as they happened to be in stores near you. With the internet and Amazon, we have  instant access to millions of items, many hard – if not impossible – to find previously; all at the fingertips, shipped to the doorstep. If Amazon does wrong, the free market will punish it. We need not cause a riot; but rioting and anger is the radical’s way.

Music and the Christian:


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