Ye shall become as God

Google is a wonderful tool for connecting with the world, sharing information, and learning anything one wants to know. Yet, it is a Hegelian dream-come-true. Hegel said history is God walking on earth; that is, God is humanity as it progressively realizes itself and becomes globally conscious. Whenever this happens, divinity will be achieved. Today, humanity via information-sharing (Google, Facebook, Twitter) on the internet is facilitating this process, and the people who create and run these cites very explicitly operate on Hegel’s premise: if we bring the world together, humanity will realize itself fully (become God) and usher in a utopia (heaven) on earth. “Ye shall become as God.”

This is the drive behind Mark Zucherburg and it’s the flavor of Google’s “Year in Search” video. It was also the ethos of the late Steve Jobs who often spoke of an aesthetically-pleasing handheld that revolutionizes the way you think and experience the world. The adverts for Google Glass also take on this demeanor: universal connectivity to every bit of information, which is Absolute Mind. In the words of Greg Thornbury: “Google Glass is the whore of Babylon.”


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