Evening’s News

Why Remembering Christmas 1944 Can Change Your Life

Elon Musk’s hyperloop is actually making progress
Cool concept. Don’t think I’d ever ride in one, though.

F.B.I. Offers Evidence Tying North Korea to Sony Attack
Commenter: “Its not hacking when NSA does it:)Move along folks,nothing to see here!”

Why We Isolated Cuba for 53 Years
Communism, forced labor camps, inciting and exporting revolution, to name a few. “Castroism has won.” Today, Fidel must be smiling and lighting up a large El Rey del Mondo cigar in his Havana palace.

4 Things That Are Hurting Your Wife and Killing Your Marriage
Porn. Laziness. Passivity. Immaturity.

Rating Plan Would Put Colleges Into One of Three Categories
Tighter government regulation and measurements will not fix a problem that only the free market, not the government, can solve. The government has a God-defined role; it is not to educate.

Who Is Really Raising Kids Who Can’t Think?
“In this age of supposed value on education, it’s mind-boggling to find that having teachers and educators simply being allowed to teach the problems with evolution has become a big fight! And by and large the governments in our Western world have legislated to protect the teaching of atheistic evolution and do not even allow students to know about other beliefs or even consider some of the very glaring problems with evolution. This approach by secular academics is not encouraging kids to think. This is indoctrination. And it’s really indoctrination in an atheistic religion. In America, the government is endorsing a state religion—by and large, it’s the religion of naturalism or atheism!”


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