Choose Ye

“Men must choose to be governed by God or they condemn themselves to be ruled by tyrants.”

– William Penn

Bahnsen comments:

“However, even in those countries where overt revolution has not broken out and in those lands where a hostile dictatorship has not been established, there has been a steady movement toward social pragmatism and messianic ideals—so that the state is viewed as the sole originator of law, and its legislation aims to create a perfect social order by rehabilitation of criminals, pervasive welfare and revenue sharing, guardianship of the world and foreign aid, all of which are done irrespective of justice and questions of moral obligation in order to realize the “higher” principle of love. Thus the idea is reintroduced that law is grounded, not in the word of Christ, but in the arbitrary saving deeds of Caesar.”

– Bahnsen, Theonomy in Christian Ethics, 8


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