Democracy and Will

Steyn in America Alone makes a point about demographics and age:

Age + Welfare = Disaster for you
Youth + Will = Disaster for whoever gets in your way

The first represents the West. The second Islam.

Steyn concludes: “We are witnessing the end of the late twentieth-century progressive welfare democracy. Its fiscal bankruptcy is merely a symptom of a more fundamental bankruptcy: its insufficiency as an animating principle for society. The children and grandchildren of those Fascists and Republicans who waged a bitter civil war for the future of Spain now shrug when a bunch of foreigners blow up their capital. Too sedated even to sue for terms, they capitulate instantly. Over on the other side of the equation, the modern multicultural state is too watery a concept to bind huge numbers of immigrants to the land of their nominal citizenship. So they look elsewhere and find the jihad. The Western Muslim’s pan-Islamic  identity is merely the first great cause in a world where globalized pathologies are taking the place of old-school nationalism.” page 9

In other words, an a point I’ve tried to forge into various words, “there is a correlation between the structural weaknesses of the social-democratic state and the rise of a globalized Islam.” page 10



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