Evening News – It’s Not What You Think It Is

2014, According to the Drudge Report
“Don’t doubt the influence of Matt Drudge. According to Quantcast, the Drudge Report sees a steady stream of more than 2 million unique visitors daily. For publishers, the distribution power of the Drudge Report—just like other content streams such as Facebook and Twitter—is hard to write off as trivial.

In France, Vestiges of the Great War’s Bloody End
And for what?

The Supreme Leader of Iran Has Taken Up Bombing America With Hashtags.
Ad Hominems and Tu Quoques aside, it seems he’s using Jesus as a mask to stir up division and further the decline of America.

Anti-Islamization movement heats up in Germany and is starting to spread all over Europe
The Islamization of Europe will likely lead to war. Maybe the Germans will win. But Islam is merely filling a vacuum left by the Continent’s rejection of Christianity. their cause to truly succeed, it will need a rallying idea – and one more than “Not Islam”. I suppose that we should ask, “If not Islam, who?”

185 Powerful Verbs That Will Make Your Resume Awesome

Argentina’s president said to ‘adopt’ Jewish boy to save him from life as a ‘werewolf’
Greatest Headline of All Time

1st Time Gun Buyers Rise: 175,000 FBI Background Checks in One Day
Call America what you will in your studies, there is an alternate narrative and ideology afoot.

Unbroken: Broken Storytelling. Read the Book. See the Movie To End All Wars.

Tim Hawkins – Atheist Kids’ Songs
A little hilarity. “Reason, why? Reason, why? We exist, but there’s no reason why.”


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