Evening News – Highlights

Sexual Smithereens
Not in pieces, but in totals.

Is Your Church Functionally Liberal?
Read and heed.

Mike Rowe is Asked by Fan to Weigh in on Anti-Police Protests

Hope and Change?: National Debt Tops $18 Trillion
Hope and Change = More of the Same

Peter Jackson Must Be Stopped
Fully agreed. Tolkien’s voice does not come through at all in the latest unnecessary trilogy.

The Fine-Tuning of the Universe
Destroys the supposed “Multiverse”

He wants to make it playing video games on Twitch
I don’t care for video games. Yet, they are powerful stories that people enter into in order to escape life and also to live another life. The stories we tell ourselves become the framework through which we experience reality – even if we hide from that reality in the stories. Yet, all stories inevitably shrink – if only for the fact that they eventually end. However, there is one story that never ends and is therefore the most intriguing, expansive, interesting, fascinating story ever. It is the story of Christ’s Gospel.

Jesus Devastates an Old Earth
“In the context of the first marriage between Adam and Eve, do you think Jesus was wrong in Mark 10:6 when He said that God made them male and female at the beginning of creation? Or do you believe that the creation has been around for 13 billion years and marriage first came about at the end of creation a few thousand years ago with Adam and Eve?”

Anti-Islamization movement heats up in Germany and is starting to spread all over Europe
A book written by David Goldman entitled “How Civilizations Die“, makes the argument that the West’s demographics are in decline and this is bad, not merely because we’re killing ourselves by not reproducing, but that when civilizations see their imminent extinction they become scared, enter into a survival mode, and become violent in various ways – usually war or consumption. Don’t know if I buy his thesis, but it sure fits with what those Germans are doing up to this point.

U.S. Oil Prices Fall 46% This Year, Steepest Loss Since 2008
Markets will adjust – if left alone. Consumers always benefit by lower prices. Now they have excess capital to be allocated to other areas of creative economic activity.


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