Evening News

Why is Ravi Zacharias Endorsing Joyce Meyer?
“She’s a great Bible teacher.” Yes, check the context. My main question – not judgment – is is he under the authority of a church or does he have “accountability partners” or is he off doing his own thing? If I endorsed Joyce Meyers, my local church would come down on me.

The Elephant Speaks

Scientists tallied up all the advice on Dr. Oz’s show
Didn’t see that coming….

2014: A reminder of the lasting power of racial politics in America

Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer subsidized abortion clinics killed 327,653 children in its fiscal year 2014

As Sara Obeyed Abraham
Radical Christianity doesn’t always look like you’d expect.

Selena Gomez pulls down Instagram picture that infuriated Muslims
Read the comments in the article. None of them say anything about Muslim’s bullying and threatening violence against Selena. Instead, they defend showing “respect” for “other religions” (ie., ones that threatens them) – and this comes from the same culture that desecrates everything involving the Christian religion. This incident is nothing more than Western culture capitulating to Islam whose ideas are stronger than its own.


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