A friend asked,

Is Arminianism heretical? If your answer is “yes”, are they to be treated as brethren?

A reply: I agree with John Piper who said in his Calvinism series that as a Calvinist I agree with and believe everything an Arminian believes, I just believe more. This circumvents the either-or fallacy – we both believe the same things, up to a point. The Arminian stops with the enigma of man’s freedom, the Calvinist stops with the enigma of God’s.


One thought on “Heretics?

  1. I appreciate your post. Short but appreciated. As an Arminian, I have had Calvinists call me “heretic” and have had some tell me I am going to hell for not believing the gospel (that would be Calvinism to them). On the other hand, I have some good Calvinist brothers who I go evangelizing with and we share our common faith in Jesus with the lost. We differ theologically but the gospel remains the same. I am thankful that 1 Timothy 1:15 says that Christ Jesus came to save sinners and that is just what I am. Jesus saves sinners and not Arminians or Calvinists.


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