Evening News

Europe’s Empty Churches Go on Sale
Christianity goes silently into the night.

The Josh Alcorn Suicide: Thinking from a Christian Worldview
Very important to think through these issues.

The cost of driving

Feminist Causes of 2014
Starts at 24:21

New Year’s snow storm turns Grand Canyon into ‘winter wonderland’

Topless Abortion Activist Yanks Baby Jesus From Christmas Nativity at Vatican
Here for video. Now I would ask my Christian friends why does the feminist go topless? What is it a statement of? Now, tie your answer to whatever are your views of clothing. The feminist is saying that there is no difference between a man’s and a woman’s bodies and that therefore we can equally show them off. She is denying the Fall which brought shame to our nakedness, which requires us to wear clothing to cover ourselves. But I digress.


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