Current News

newspaper-720Nepal earthquake: Eight million people affected, UN says
Media preys upon number-lust death-tolls. Instead, we ought to focus on restoration and aid, not delicious damage details.

Explaining the Purge
People, especially the young and impressionable, will enact the stories they are told.

Inside the Court: Judges Don’t Have a Crystal Ball on Marriage
His arguments are sound – history and precedent are on male-female marriage’s side. However, without addressing the underlying principles of evolution, atheism, existentialism, and relativism, we are merely spinning our wheels. If the war is not won at the Supreme Court level, it will be taken to the states. And the fight will continue viciously.

Three Cheers for Bill and Hillary Clinton
Not too impressed. Rhetoric flatters power. Power then was religion. Power now is sex. Power remains.

Sheriff Clarke: ‘Riots a Result of Liberal Policies’ that have ‘Created Permanent Underclass’
“Like Baltimore, like Ferguson, like New York and many other areas where failed liberal government policies have led to high unemployment, chronic poverty, failing schools,” Sheriff Clarke said. “This is what besets the Baltimore area. Ninety percent of the homicide victims in the Baltimore area are black as are ninety percent of the suspects. That’s a bigger problem than Freddie Gray.”

Estate tax harms minority- and women-owned businesses

In Defense of Marriage, the Rule of Law, and Ordered Liberty
The flow of philosophical consequences is strong and, if left unturned, will always dominate. I truly wish Christians would recognize and face this instead of hiding in the eschatology. The world has rejected God and objective epistemology, and thus is making up its own universe. It is logical and sensical on its own terms. Only a worldview based in every point on explicit divine revelation can suffice. Anything less is calculated retreat, as we see presently happening.


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