Log Jam

From a review:

Rushdoony’s view of law and order “pushed against the central assumptions of reformers on the left and right … The answers to [the crisis] could not be found in more police officers, more-conservative politicians, a more-aggressive foreign policy, or a slick evangelical outreach to the souls of a broken nation. Civic salvation would not come through public protest and civil disobedience.” The political right and left weren’t the only impotent forces on the stage, as Dr. McVicar points out later: “Neoevangelicals could revive, presuppositionalists could destroy, but neither could reconstruct. This perception of the twin failures of neoevangelicalism and neo-Calvinism prompted Rushdoony to develop a systemic Protestant casuistry to respond to the ‘law-and-order’ problem of the 1960s.”


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