Why not floor it?

I do not understand why women who argue for equality with men would want that equality to stop before the pastorate preaching position. To be equal in all areas of service and leadership in the church, except at the “highest” place is no pure equality at all. This is precisely the point being pushed by women in various other denominations such as the Episcopal church. Equality goes farther.

But if you’re listening to the conversation you’ll realize equality is being equivocated. There’s a bit of irony. Equality of value is code for equality of roles. But this is not the case. The Son is equal in value with the Father, but not in role. The engine is equally as important as the steering wheel. The heart is equally as important as the head. But were they to try to be the same, one would go into a ditch as fast as round plastic and the other would have a heart ache and a head attack.

“Brothers, we are not all brothers.” Neither are all car parts steering wheels; but they do all have equally important roles. When Jesus returns “may he be greeted by a church whose practice affirms its belief that the equal value of men and women was never open to debate.” Well and good, yea and amen. But equal value is not equal position. And if one assumes it is, I return to my previous question: why stop at the pastorate? Why not floor it?



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