The Sloshbucket

In Postmodernia, everything is a social construct.

______” is not real; it is socially and politically constructed via law, religion, public policy, or social practices.

Fill in the blank.

It started with God and morality, with implications such as divine vengeance, justice, or virtues. Then it was applied to natural laws and institutions like male headship, marriage, the family, and liberty. Now it is being applied to the human experience alla sexuality (the sexual revolution, now flowering into homosexualism), gender (transgenders, Bruce Jenner), and race (Rachel Dolezal). 

What amazes me is how quickly these have proceeded, one to another.

But perhaps the idea that everything is a social construct is itself a socially constructed. After all, we can’t have a moral revolution if we don’t agree on a fixed standard from which to rebel. We are not becoming amoral or asexual or areligious. We are decidedly anti-moral, anti-sexual, and anti-religious because we are made in the image of God. So, in our rebellion from him we implicitly give credence to his existence and truth. This is our judgment. It is also a pointer for the direction of repentance. When a compliance hand points south, there is always another pointing north. Batman_social_construction


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