Slave Money

Why study economics?

The people of America debating which figure’s image they prefer to be stamped on a federal reserve dollar is like slaves debating which master’s image they prefer to be stamped on their cotton-picking bags.

When a central bank creates fiat currency, its value is purposefully decreased and its return mandated by its creator. Hence, Americans labor for something they don’t own, something which they must give back to the government. This means they don’t have ownership in their labor; rather, the government owns their labor through ownership of the currency for which they labor. Ownership of one’s labor is the definition of slavery, no matter its percentage.

Don’t get caught up in the latest faux topic over which important figure’s image – patriarchal men or activist women – should be on the dollar:

We shouldn’t have federal dollars issued by a central bank. **Gasp**


6 thoughts on “Slave Money

  1. Every market benefits from some degree of regulation. Money issuing and certainly banking are no exceptions – you don’t have to look far back into the past for examples.

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