A Fuzzy Bad Dream

**Thoughts from some comments on another thread**

I am curious as to how many people understand that the Confederate flag in question is not being flown over the South Carolina State Capitol, and rightly hasn’t done so since 2000 (contrary to popular media images), but is being flown at a Confederate War Memorial that is on the grounds of the South Carolina state capitol along with memorials to African-American history, George Washington, Revolutionary War heroes, the Palmetto regiment in the Mexican-American war, and various other prominent South Carolinians? I think that if you remove the flag, the monuments will eventually have to come down as well.

If Confederate memorials must come down too, what about civil war reenactments? Will both sides have to wear Union blue coats, and wave the same Union battle flag as they fight one another? There might be something appropriate about that.

And why not erase the painful episode from memory? Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart have already banned Confederate memorabilia from their wares. Next, we could get Google to ban search returns on anything “Confederate” or “Civil War” or “slavery”. Then, we could delete the era from future history textbook publications. Flush history down the Orwellian memory hole so we can all live in blissful ignorance of our past. It will be replaced with how the capital suppressed the rebellion and made life safe again. Each year the districts could have games to remind us of how the government saved us from some fuzzy bad dream. 


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