The Quest for Justice

I recommend Thomas Sowell’s The Quest for Cosmic Justice569531. His thinking is clear, concise, and poignant.

Life is thought of as a race each person or family must run. We learn, we work, we save, we build, we lend, we grow, we live. Parents always want their children to have better opportunities than they had. And where one’s children begin is where the parents leave off. This naturally results in some starting in better places than others. 

Equality and Social Justice seek to ensure equal opportunity in the race of life; that all have unhindered liberty to pursue life. But since one’s starting place depends upon how far ahead one’s parents advanced, absolute Equality and Social Justice can ensure equal opportunity only by ensuring equal results. Each parents’ achievements must be reset for their children. 

And since the naturally slow cannot be made to speed up to the naturally fast, all must be made to live at the pace of the lowest common denominator. This is way Equality and Social Justice reduce society to poverty. 

Sowell argues three things:
1) The impossible is not going to be achieved.

2) It is a waste of precious resources to try to achieve it.

3) The devastating costs and social dangers which go with these attempts to achieve the impossible should be taken into account.


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