We Can Only Hope

Abortion is not merely some quirk of the liberal humanist narrative. It’s not a bug; it’s a feature. For, as all revolutions have taught us, to produce absolute equality there must be some extermination of the unequal. All cannot be made equal, so the equal must be made all. If they cannot do away with inequality, they will do away with the unequal. Thus, if abortion dies, liberalism must go with it. It will kill for equality and if it cannot have equality, it will be killed.

For the liberal narrative that allows for the extermination of unborn humans demolishes all of its pretenses to promote or espouse human equality. If your ideology justifies murdering a certain class of people – the weakest, most innocent, and oppressed “class” – you have forfeited all credibility and authority in your cries against the inequality, injustices, and oppression of any other “class” of humans – racism, children, women, gays, the poor, even endangered or hunted animals.

The Planned Parenthood videos have done more than to pull the curtain back on abortion – they have ripped out liberalism’s moral vocal cords, dismembered its socially righteous crusades, and sold its protesters into ideological exile.


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