Norm or Novelty?

Someone recently said that while Muslim terrorists had attacked Americans in 9/11, we must remember that white Americans themselves were terrorists toward black people in times past. White Americans had committed great evil upon black Americans, and now others are committing great evil upon them. 

But is this a formula that could be said of other peoples? Could we say…

Native American tribes committed acts of terrorism upon other Native American tribes, so when white Europeans came in to commit acts of terrorism upon them they had no leg to stand upon? 

Black Africans committed acts of terrorism upon each other, so when they became enslaved and sold around the world to people who oppressed them they had what was coming to them? 

African peoples committed evil acts against other blacks by selling them, so the French came in to colonize them?

The Jews and Poles had committed great evil for some time, and then Hitler came in to annihilate them?

The people of India had committed great evil for some time, so the British came in to subjugate them? 

The Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans had done horrible acts of terror to each other, so when the Spanish came in to conquer them they really had no reason to complain? 

The people of Tibet had done horrible things in times past, and then China came in to annihilate them and annex their country?

The pigmies in Australia had done atrocious deeds to one another, so they were overrun by another nation?

Rome had done horribly gruesome things, so the Gauls came in to overthrow them?

The nations in the land of Canaan committed abominations, so Israel came in to destroy them as the land spew them out?

Or is this only applicable to modern, white, Westerners?


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