No Man’s Land

Christians are beginning to realize that so-called secular people hold very religious visions of government and social institutions. For Christians to overthrow or to change these secularists’ institutions is, in their own eyes, a religious act, for which the secularists accuse Christians of attempting to implement “Christian Sharia Law” or “Theocracy” on society.  

When so accused, Christians do two things: they deny the aim of implementing a theocracy and they urge instead for an early Enlightenment return to religious neutrality (“liberty”) and natural law in the civil arena. They deny public religion and instead say that civil life is possible without any god or divine laws at the center.

There are several problems with this: 

1) We are not in the Enlightenment period any longer; the reason being that this non-religious, publicly-neutral experiment has failed and we are now in the post-Enlightenment age. Ergo, attempting merely to go back to when all this started will simply lead us to where we are today. 

2) Not only are we no longer in the Enlightenment period, but not even during that age did anyone really believe in religious neutrality, in law without a god. Those who made such claims merely replaced God with Man, divine Law with Reason, monarchy with Demos.  

3) Just as no one believed religious neutrality then, not even the anti-theists believe or think in non-religious terms today (see above). Thus, trying to deny that Christians are not urging for a religious law and social order is of little effect, being as it is an attempt to go back in time to a failed religious-neutrality experiment where no one really believed it to begin with, nor do they still today.

Finally, to deny some sort of religious aim is to play by rules that no one has ever adhered to and which are only touted to cause Christians to put their give up before they begin. Denying religious intent is, essentially, to find oneself in No-Man’s Land.

“The authority of any system of thought is the god of that system. Men, by denying God, cannot escape God. God is the inescapable reality, and the inescapable category of thought. When men deny the one true God, they do it only to make false gods.

“Behind every system of law there is a god. To find the god in any system, locate the source of law in that system. If the source of law is the individual, then the individual is the god of that system. If the source of law is the people, of the dictatorship of the proletariat, then these things are the gods of those systems. If our source of law is a court, then the court is our god. If there is no higher law beyond man, then man is his own god, or else his creatures, the institutions he has made, have become his gods. When you choose your authority, you choose your god, and where you look for your laws, there is your god.”

“The ground of liberty is Jesus Christ. Biblical faith places authority in the true God – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit – and in God’s inspired and infallible word, the Bible. God does not compete with man as humanistic authorities do. He is above, over, and beyond man. Then purpose of His law and of His government is to establish man in godly order and in true liberty.

“Authority in Biblical faith is in this world only under God. Men are given authority over their wives, parents over their children, under God and subject to His laws. The authority of the state over its citizens and the authority of the church over its members are always subject to the prior authority of God and the supremacy of His law. In every area, God undergirds legitimate authority, which is His creation, by His word and law.”

– Rushdoony, “Law and Liberty”



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