Swapping Vices

The critique against the free market is that it turns every man against his neighbor. The solution is to control and inhibit such competition.

But controlling the human action merely redirects their aims: instead of laboring to produce more than their neighbors, they labor to restrict their neighbors from producing. 

Instead of trying to earn, we try to restrict others from earning. Instead of competing by production, we find ourselves competing by legislation. Instead of competing for the favor of our fellow men, we compete for the favor of government. 

Economic competition becomes political competition. Human interests become special interests. The market place becomes the courthouse. 

Since we are taxed, we demand others be extorted. Since we are plundered, we plunder others. Since we cannot earn, no one should. Realizing ourselves to be slaves, we demand none be free. 

If greed was a vice allowed, envy is a virtue instituted. 


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