An Abandoned Theme Park

We abandoned the Middle East, and the Middle East came to us.

The West’s responses to the Paris shootings have largely been humanistic, which is why we’re in the situation to begin with.

Humanism assumes that humans are basically good, and that if we just get together and affirm our common humanity, then evil will disappear. But, humanism is a vacuum of ideas, of strength, hope, and life, waiting to be filled with a stronger set of those ideas. Faith in man is not as strong as faith in a god – any god. This is why, philosophically, the West is weakening itself and is being overrun by those with stronger ideas. Mere naturalist humanism is suicide and it will be replaced by some other absolute god-based life-giving system.

For instance, Parisians are flooding the streets to show their solidarity against forces of evil. To a humanist, this looks like a powerful response to terror: Humanity reaffirming itself. To a god-ordained combatant, it looks like a target-rich environment. Humanism thinks it has strength merely in gathering humanity together. Yet, how many were gathered together in the concert hall, or at the Stade de France, or in the Twin Towers? Soccer fans sang the national anthem together in the Stade de France. Sing all they want, they are mere bleating lambs.

More significantly, people are saying that the terrorists targeted not only France but the whole world with its universal values of freedom, equality, and humanity. This is partly true. It is democracy, equality, and “liberty” that are incompatible with Islam. Rule of the People is incompatible with Rule of God. Muslims know this. Humanists know this. But, Western Christians want to have their cake and eat it too. There is an antithesis in society, and everyone knows it except conservatives and Christians.

In commenting on the terrorist attacks in Paris, Pres. Obama said it was an attack on all who hold to the universal values, which he described as America’s ideals of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and as France’s Liberté, Égalité, and Fraternité. These are NOT the same values. The American War for Independence was not France’s Revolution. But few see the distinction because we’ve abandoned Christendom with all its values and ideas and structures. We’ve abandoned it for a god-less culture and worldview; for a world without any god. And Islam is an attack on that godless humanism.

And it is a shame that Christianity tries to befriend godless society. The Christian response to terrorism has been the same as Christian males trying to find a bride or a job or purpose in life: just pray about it, maybe something will happen. God knows, we shouldn’t get up and take action. That might not be loving, and besides there’s no New Testament command for this. After all, better to love our enemies than to love our wives and daughters. Better to let them be killed or sold as sex-slaves than to offend Multiculturalism. Better ourselves to be found loving than defending what we love.

Humanism is the vacuum created by the abandonment of Christendom. The only way to defeat an idea is to present one that is stronger, truer, and more holistically satisfying. We have to take Christ into every part of the world ideologically, if we are to save any part of the world personally. Islam is defeating the humanist West because the humanism West has defeated Christendom. And we all of us will continue to be overrun and defeated by Islam until we abandon humanism and take up once again a robust, holistic, strong Christendom in every area of life.



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