Gun and Bible Source List

John Piper’s Article

Should Christians Be Encouraged to Arm Themselves?

Guns and Martyrdom (an older article, same topic)

Responses to Piper:

John Piper, Guns, and Civic Responsibility Steven Wedgeworth

A Biblical Response to John Piper Joel McDurmon

Should Christian Arm Themselves? Pastor Louis, of Emmaus Church

Piper’s Insistence That Christians Lay Down and Die, Parts 12, and 3 Bret McAtee

Dividing Line James White, starts @ 49 min, covers partially Piper’s article

Dr. Piper, I Beg To Differ James White, old article

John Piper and Guns Doug Wilson

John Piper’s Saturday Night Special Doug Wilson

General Pro-Gun/Defense Articles

Firearms: Biblical Defense Ted R. Weiland

Should Christians Carry Guns? Chad Hall

What Does the Bible Say About Gun Control? Gun Owners of America

The Bible, Guns, and Self-Defense Gary DeMar

A Biblical View of Self-Defense BiblicalDefense

A Biblical and Christian Response to Gun Control Apologia Radio

Greg Bahnsen on Guns and Self-Defense Apologia Radio

Greg Bahnsen Gun Control Debate CMF (see here for summary)



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