Old World Faces Child

The Trump Protesters represent the ancien régime – the old-order Révolution fighting the new counter-revolution.

But they have not discerned the times. They are still using the worn, predictable, old-world tactics, which created the counter-revolution: mob-rally, shout, shame, threaten, disrupt society, appeal to gov’t to “force people to be free” or equal. To fight with what creates and fuels one’s enemy is to fight against oneself.

The establishment must abandon itself in order to save itself. (Not so coincidentally, this also is precisely what the “conservatives” are doing; which reveals where they truly stand.)

The Révolution gave birth to the counter-revolution, and the daughter is devouring the mother. Discuss the waves; this is the tide. My appeal is to abandon what by definition is self-devouring and to reformulate better, historic, lasting positions.


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