Covenantal Anyway

Christians operate on an assumed covenantal worldview, which, while they deny in creed, they prove in deed. 

A few examples:


  • Evangelicals have lots of kids, big families, and try really hard to raise them up in the fear and instruction of the Lord. Why? Why have big families and gobs of kids, if physical covenantal succession is no longer the method of propagating the gospel and building God’s kingdom – is the kids are born lost, if there are no promises from God for their destiny – why bring more little pagans into the world on a larger scale than the surrounding lot culture? What makes our numbers higher than atheist? 


  • There’s a tendency in evangelical political engagement to take what Jesus said to his disciples and apply it to social policy. Jesus said forgive, so we remove penalties. Jesus said welcome the stranger, so we rally for mass immigration.
  • There’s another tendency to require as qualities in our presidents those which Paul requires of his church elders. If the president has not been the husband of one wife, he is disqualified. It’s as though the civil body politic is a covenant community under God. 

Ancestral Repentance

  • The desire to confess and repent of ancestral sins is a sort of hyper-covenantalism not only not aligned with baptist theology nor covenantal theology but not even commanded in the times of OT Israel itself. How can the sins of former peoples be laid on those who decades later voluntarily joined their ranks – and often without any knowledge of their past – unless the community is seen inside a covenanted structure where the blessings or curses incurred by the previous people flow down to future generations? 

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