A Response to the respective but similar racial-guilt Resolutions of the SBC and PCA, 2016.

Be it Resolved, that no Christian alive today or at any time is guilty of sins committed by other people who died long ago. 

Be it Resolved, that the children will not bear guilt or sin or condemnation from the supposed misdeeds of their fathers, rather the soul that sins shall die. (Ez.18)

Be it Resolved, that no man can repent of or apologize for the sins of another, rather there is one mediator between God and man – the man Christ Jesus. (1Ti.2) 

Be it Resolved, that Denominations cannot impute sin or righteousness to its members, rather if one is in covenant with Christ his sins are forgiven.

Be it Resolved, that charges of sin must be specific and evidential, rather than sweeping and assumed. (Mt.18)

Be it further Resolved, that falsely charging guilt of sin is itself sin. (Ex. 23:7)

Be if further Resolved, that loving father and mother includes those physical and spiritual, the failure of which cuts their successors off from the land. (Eph.6)


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