Naming Heresy is Heresy

Dr. Mohler in this article on Heresy and Humility, covering the trinitarian controversy, claims that charges of heresy from the side against ESS to the side arguing for it are unfounded. “These charges are baseless, reckless, and unworthy of those who have made them.”
How are they so?, you might ask. Mohler does not actually answer why the charges of heresy are false, nor why Grudem, et al, are not in the wrong. He merely denies the former and affirms the latter.

But get this: Dr. Mohler says the only thing near-heretical here is calling some teaching heretical: “They endanger the very orthodoxy they claim to champion by making reckless charges they cannot possibly sustain.”

This seems to be more of a doubling-down than a refutation of sides. Instead of answering claims, there is only repeated and louder declarations of one’s right-standing in the cause. This places the person beyond critique or question. I suspect, though, that will not work.


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