Evangelical Paradox

The evangelical mind is in the paradoxical situation of wanting to convert everyone while not wanting Christians to be a cultural or national “majority.” We want everyone to be Christian but we don’t want Christians to be Everyone. We want the majority but we don’t want to be the Majority.

So, once the gospel goes out and the conversions, over time, grow and grow, the face of society in its customs, laws, policies, institutions, and habits change into “Christian” customs, “Christian” laws, “Christian” policies, and so on. But once the majority grows and those “Christian” cultural artifices appear, the evangelical mind seeks to destroy them as being unbiblical.

What does this mean? Either the goal is not really to convert everyone but to stop at, say, 49% minority. Or, that the goal is to convert everyone but that this conversion should not manifest itself in anything distinctly Christian. Which means Christianity is entirely spiritual and has little to no effect upon human action, life, community, or civilization. Or, that the evangelical strategy has a built in reset function that will cycle over and over in history: persecuted minority —> growth and influence —> dominant majority —> prophetic deconstruction.

Help me think through this, my friends. What sort of eschatology does this fit into, if any? How does this influence evangelical evangelism, missions, church planting, preaching, exegesis, families, children, education, culture-making, politics? etc…


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