Because It’s Largely Unformulated

Evangelical politics is confusing to me.
They don’t demand their political leaders be Christian but they do require them to possess Christian values and virtues.
They don’t want the church to rule society but they do want society to pass laws that agree with Christian teaching about everything from war to marriage.
They don’t want the state to favor any one religion but they do want the state to promote and codify Christian values, customs, traditions, and practices.
They hate any semblance of nationalism but love the institutions and liberties that emanate uniquely from this nation.
They believe ardently in Enlightenment equality and democracy, even though it has been killing them for over 200 years – and even though no orthodox Christian teaching before 1600 can be found arguing for this conception of society.
They constantly claim they are against any form of theonomy, but they insist upon government legislating Christian doctrines into society.
They hold to nearly every cultural artifact of the late modern period while claiming not to be concerned with promoting any one culture.

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