Not A Thing

Tacitus and Plutarch record that a few Caesars would dress children up in animal skins and have them run through the woods so they could hunt them down, capture them, and play sensual games with them. They also record that these Caesars would have pools or ponds in parks where children would be dressed up as nymphs and made to swim so that the Caesars could go and swim with them and play little sexual games with them.

This was the grossest stuff of history, and I’ve been very mild and vague in my descriptions. However, it has now come out that this sort of activity is precisely what high ranking level officials directly under Hillary, perhaps even Bill himself, and many others have been engaging in for many years. There’s even video of it, if you’re willing to do a simple google search.

When Trump spoke about “sexually assaulting” women, the whole parade of moral leaders were in uproar, together with the pied pipping mainstream media, crying about principled politics and character in office and moral civic virtue. And yet, we hear nothing by way of denouncing such demonic satan worship and sexual exploitation of children. Not. A. Thing. Their cries ring as hollow as the souls of these immoral political leaders.


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