How SJWs are like Communists

They share:

An inexorably progressing view of history

Manifested with shock and dismay when they see society has lost its “gains” over the years of the liberal revolution. “We’ve come so far,” or, “When will there be cosmic justice?” they often cry when their social edifices fracture or crumble. They think animocity between groups is a thing of the past. As well as family, tradition, gender, marriage, morals, capitalism, injustice, inequality, etc. History is progressing, everything is getting better, nothing can stop this process. So when it does stop or is revealed to not have been the case all along, they themselves crumble in dismay and disbelief.

Oppressor/oppressed, master/slave worldview 

White/black, men/women, adults/youth, rich/poor, majority/minorities. Notice that for convenience all white peoples are lumped together. It doesn’t matter if they are Poles or Jews or Italian or Armenian (sort of white = white) or people of mixed ethnicities. Whenever people generalize like this it is easier to push their narrative which cannot stand up upon clsoer scrutinization. It is these categories which should be attacked. The same goes for men/women which now apparently are individual choices. If gender is a choice and if men make more money than women, why don’t all women merely change their category by deciding to become men? Rich/poor, as well, are a falsely fixed category becuase they change positions throughout their lives.

Language as power manipulation

Will write more…

Infinitesimal uniformity of thought

Punishment for slightest disobedience

Meticulous publicization of all things private


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