A Curious Similarity

There are increasing parallels between Hillary and her Leftist supporters and Russ Moore and his religious supporters.

Both lost their highly politicized movements to Trump and his followers. And both lost for the same reasons.

Both claimed their highly politicized movements were not highly politicized movements but prophetic foreshadows of an inevitable aeon of plurality, diversity, and multiculturalism.

Both misinterpreted the flow of history, the state of culture, and the innermost desires and cries of the masses of people around them, and both have still not recognized or admitted it.

Both upon losing immediately began doubling down, in the same ways and at the same time.

Both movements and parties are fracturing in the wake.

Both used and continue to employ the same sorts of radicalist tactics, language, and ideological categories with the same results both upon themselves and upon the nation.

Both assume an air of elitist leadership that the masses cannot comprehend or penetrate, and to which they are denied access.

Both cast themselves as mild, benign, inclusive, and genuine while characterizing others as extreme, angry, divisive, and sell-outs.

Both are the cultural mainstream and yet pose themselves as a persecuted minority.

Both posture themselves on the moral high-ground while demonizing opposition.

Both are warm, compassionate, and humanitarian while others are bitter, oppressive, and insensitive.

Both posit themselves as orthodoxy and any dissent as heterodoxy at best or heresy at worst.

Both shame, rather than engage, those with whom they disagree.

Both use language as weapons to ostracize and remove dissent.

Both are totalizing and all-encompassing, filtering themselves into the crevices of private conscience.

Both pronounced excommunicating pontifications on those who are “unredeemable,” labeling millions of people as “Deplorables” or “On The Wrong Side Of Jesus.”

Both had similar slogans: #ImWithHer and #IStandWithMoore, which call the people to side with their leader rather than their leader to side with the people.

So doing, both betray the fundamental structures of their movements: the liberals call for a monarch and the evangelicals call for a pope.

Both have utopian ideologies that they try to materialize on the world around them.

Both claim social-marxist causes like social justice as their primariy aim.

Both categorize humanity into class divisions engaged in a social struggle for favored races, of which they are not a part but which they as the self-anointed must moderate and guide.

Both see humans as having no earthly ties such as family, land, or nation, but rather cast a collective Humanity as an individually atomized mass on a global plane which can be easily arranged and united by abstract ideals and universal propositions.

Both have a globalizing agenda, one that is fine with disrupting entire nations for the sake of humanitarian impusles that cause wars and destroy long-established civilizations.

Both welcome the victims of said humanitarian globalization into their pluralist utopias.

Both destroy their own pluralist utopias.

Both did not perceive the inevitable response to their tolerant destruction of their nations.

Both movements have roots that sprung from a Christian West that no longer exists.

Both deny that a Christian West should exist.

Both cannot exist outside of a Christian West; hence their growing decline.

Both would be freer and happier in a Christianized West.


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