Adverse Benevolence

Heather MacDonald’s book, War On Cops, argued that the war on cops will cause them to scale back their operations which will lead to higher crime, especially in areas of poor and minority populations. The first part of her claim is being vindicated in a recent Pew Study.

Further, it is noteworthy the degree to which police and citizens differ in perspective and worldview. The populace generally is growing less trusting of their authorities at the local levels. This is a recipe for disaster. Cops, being human beings, will do what all humans do: they will begin to secure their own. Their priorities will change from protecting others to protecting themselves. Amidst identity politics, they will become self-aware as a class and begin acting accordingly, to the loss and detriment of those they had previously sworn to protect.

The section on “giving” rights and equality to blacks is glaring in that the question posed assumes that “society” or “we” or “the government” gives or grants rights and equality to a group of people. For as long as such government-granted rights are upheld they will never be realized.


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