Why Milo Is Popular

Hampton said, “Agree with him or not he is amazing at rolling with the punches and coming more popular than ever.”

Iceman adds, “Basically, by his antics he reveals the soft totalitarianism of the left and liberals. By calling him a fascist, they reveal their own totalitarian control over the boundaries of acceptable public discourse. Oh, yeah, and he gets the Left to burn stuff. He reveals their hypocrisy.”

Also, his book is a best seller, not having been released yet. Sales have jumped some %12,000 since the riots, which are having the opposite intended effect.

The Left is caught in the middle of a counter-revolution, thus all the old forms of strategies and tactics they use not only no longer work but are effectively used against them. The more they wield their former powers to destroy their enemies, the more they will destroy themselves. Like when Vader killed Obi-Wan, and it only increased Milo’s power.


It will be a glorious next few decades watching the Left liberals immolate.



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